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An excellent product always needs a perfect cover.

In addition to product quality, the pattern and form paper box are the first factors to which customers pay attention when deciding to consider and buy products. The image and color of the paper box which must be beautiful and attractive can get the customers’ attention and purchasing decision. Especially some fields requiring to printing its own paper box for their products such as printing paper box for cream cake, printing paper box for food, printing paper box for cosmetics, printing paper box for shoes, printing paper box for mooncakes…

Therefore, finding a partner to print cheap national paper boxes is an essential requirement for every business. The cheap printing cost of paper boxes can help the cost of products not be an increase or the company’s profits increase. However, the cheap printing of paper boxes must ensure some factors such as high-quality paper boxes and high-grade paper boxes. At 2Tprint Printing Shop, we still offer a small number of paper box printing services ... with the aim of providing businesses with many choices and ensuring the best services for all small and medium enterprises to large enterprises.

Printing paper boxes – small quantity - cheap price

In the past years, the field of paper box printing and design has always been one of the strengths of 2Tprint. We are now an important partner in printing paper box for many different enterprises such as: pharmaceuticals, food, goods containers, cosmetic boxes, shoe boxes,...

With the advantage of the factory, we make all-in services from consultancy, design and production of finished products, especially progress control for the prompt and urgent orders.

Paper box design

Box and packaging design

With many years of experience in designing and manufacturing, we always bring to you the satisfaction of designing and bring pride when holding our products as well as the confidence of their customers.

When printing paper boxes in 2Tprint, customers will be supported design; for large orders, you will be free design.

Printing paper box with various designs and types

Materials of box printing paper:

- Duplex paper
- Ivory paper
- Couches paper
- Bristol paper
- E-Carton paper
- Metallized paper
- Kraft paper

Popular paper boxes have been being used extensively in the past

Sample of paper boxes as gifts

In addition, we also design new designs for customers who would like to have difference from other brands.

Decorative techniques for paper box sides

When offset printing is completed, the parts to which customers will pay attention will be decorated in a special manner to highlight such parts you want to emphasize.

- Water-based UV, oil-based UV, spot UV, Varnish.

- Gloss and matt, Metalled.

- Pressing, debossed, embossed, rib.

- Wiring, window pasting

- Gloss and matt, Metalled.

Decorative techniques for paper box sides

Working process at 2T Print

1. Sending dimensions, or market of material and processing technical quantity for getting quotation.

2. Designing sample and sending to customers via email.

3. Printing the color test in comparison with design and modeling sample for customers before production.

4. Sending to Offset Printing Factory

5. Processing paper boxes: pasting, finished products

6. Delivery to customers

When working with 2TPRINT, you will get:

1. Free design consultancy, free printing consultancy and free paper box sample selection consultancy

2. Free color test, modeling.

3. Complying with quality and original design.

4. Fast printing and delivery as required.

5. 15-day storage support.

Let’s refer to the paper box samples printed by 2T Print Shop:

Printing high-grade paper boxes

Printed cardboard box

Printed cardboard box

Printing cosmetic and medicine paper boxes...

Printing shoe paper boxes

Printing beautiful handbag boxes

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